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Open Your Business to New Possibilities and get Amazon Gift Cards!

Invite AV companies and Agencies to become Zuzor partners and add experiential-media to their offerings!


You'll recieve a $100 Amazon Gift Card each time a new partner signs up from your introduction. And, they'll now be able to offer you new innovative services.

**No limit on the number of gift cards you can receive

Zuzor’s sensor-driven technology allows you to create vibrant visuals that move as you do, showcasing your client's brand and messaging in a way they’ll never forget.

Activate it anywhere

No need for special displays, Zuzor’s technology works on all of them. Dynamically set and adjust to use in upright installations for any wall, and top-down installations for any floor, ceiling or surface.

Endless Applications
  • Corporate Events

  • Live Entertainment

  • Trade Shows

  • Night Clubs

  • Retail Stores

  • Museum Exhibitions

  • Hotels and Casinos

  • Stadiums and Sporting Events

  • Keynotes & Presentations

  • Branded Walls for Social Media

Send an introduction and start using it from your preferred provider!
Submit an Introduction
1. Tell us about the intro
       so we can track it and send you a thank you gift card


2. Send an introduction

You can copy this email body to send them:

Hi [Partner's name],
We recently found out about this company that partners with companies like yours to enable them to provide experiential media on any display. Can you see if this is something you can incorporate into your capabilities?

There's more information about it at

[Your name]

Make another intro
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