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Opening Possibilities for Your Business

Zuzor’s sensor-driven technology allows you to create vibrant visuals that move as you do, showcasing your client's brand and messaging in a way they’ll never forget.

Intuitive Software

Personalized Designs


Customize your new experiences with your own pictures and unique designs

Rapid Content Creation


Install inspiring, ready-to-use templates to get a quick start on your next project

Plug & Play

Create and register new installations in minutes, seamlessly controlled remotely via the web

Easy to Use


Quick installation process with robust camera configuration options, learning the environment in seconds

Flexible Setups 


Multiple depth camera options work in any lighting condition indoors or outdoors

Multi-Surface Capability

Display agnostic works with any video wall, LED wall, projectors and more

Zuzor supports multiple depth-camera options including:

  • Intel RealSense D435

  • Orbbec Astra

  • Microsoft Kinect v2

  • Simulation Mode (no camera needed)

Innovative Hardware
How Does Zuzor Work?
Zuzor in white (3).png

You can download Zuzor Authoring to most Windows computers to start creating experiences and demoing concepts to clients. View tutorials on:

Display and Camera Setup Options

Learn about the many ways you can setup Zuzor 

Cleaning up the Depth-Camera Feed

Learn about the ways you can set the monitored area  

The Many Effects in an Experience

Learn about the effect and concept building blocks 

Using Zuzor in Commercial Projects

Learn about Zuzor Authoring and Zuzor Player

Activate it anywhere

No need for special displays, Zuzor’s technology works on all of them. Dynamically set and adjust content dimensions for any size or display ratio, use upright installations for any wall, and top-down installations for any floor, ceiling or surface.

Endless Applications
  • Corporate Events

  • Live Entertainment

  • Trade Shows

  • Night Clubs

  • Retail Stores

  • Museum Exhibitions

  • Hotels and Casinos

  • Stadiums and Sporting Events

  • Keynotes & Presentations

  • Branded Walls for Social Media

Zuzor brings your business into the new era of experiential engagement
Ready to begin your journey?
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