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Experiential Environments

Using Experiential Media powered by Artificial Intelligence, Multimedia technology and Machine Vision but simple to use.

The Power of Experiential Media

Amaze your audience and leave a lasting impression with cutting-edge interactivity.


Create unforgettable moments

Our sensor-driven technology lets you create immersive, vibrant and visually stunning content that moves as you do. Create shareable moments that take branding to the next level.

Advanced technology

Zuzor uses a depth camera and computer to track your movements to generate immersive content that supercharges your creative storytelling on any display technology.

Take creative control

The simple plug and play software allows for rapid content creation to easily create inspiring installations that are in line with your story and branding.

Award Winning Technology

As an innovative & award-winning Experiential Media company, we’ve revolutionized the live content experience through motion-directed personalized visuals and put the technology in your hands.

Reinvent your branding & visual strategy

The immense simplicity, versatility and innovation of Zuzor’s software make it suitable for numerous applications, such as:

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