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Easily incorporate your own videos, images, logos and more into an experience.

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Zuzor’s mission is to transform the way brands connect with their audiences. e company’s experiential engagement solution revolutionizes the customer experience, helping brick and mortar businesses develop deep connections with their audience. Zuzor‘s movement-activated environments are easy-to-use, interactive and fully immersive, encouraging repeat visits, boosting social media exposure, generating advertising revenue and reinforcing the brand’s message.


Zuzor was founded in 2017 by theoretical mathematician, computer engineer and professional dancer Tammuz Dubnov, at the age of 20. Tammuz sought to create an installation that would take his performances to the next level, being inspired by the emergence of multi-media technology in entertainment. Most of these performances involved elaborate choreography synchronized to a video background – Tammuz wanted to turn this idea on its head. In Tammuz’s vision, the graphics would synchronize with the dancer, based on their movements. Combining his vast programming skills with his passion for showmanship, he built a one-of-a-kind, interactive projection experience - and Zuzor was born.


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True to its name: ‘zuz’ (meaning movement) & ‘or’ (meaning light), the projections Tammuz created utilized the best of human movements and vivid lights and colors, for an awe-inspiring effect that engages anyone who comes across it.


Zuzor’s movement-based environments enrich lives through experiences that ignite imaginations, spark curiosities and stimulate senses to fuel people's interaction both with the space and with each other.


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Because Zuzor was originally designed for fast-paced live entertainment, it’s functionalities are perfect for the business world. Its instantaneous setup allows for quick content authoring, encouraging businesses to stay up to date with relevant and new additions of the software. Zuzor also features a setup process that takes minutes, as well as easy configuration, giving any company a chance to revolutionize their message delivery. Finally, Zuzor’s deeply interactive capabilities put the audience in the center of the action, creating moments they won’t forget. 

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