Experiential Media Technolgy

Flexible Setup Options

No matter what your setup, you can create a customized, interactive experience. Easily adapt to any scenario by choosing the area you want to activate, and placing the depth camera in any position.


It’s All About the Human Experience

Enrich lives through experiences that ignite imaginations, spark curiosities, and stimulate the senses, fueling people's interactions both with the space and with each other.


Create Dynamic Journeys with Triggering

Allow viewers to engage with what attracts them with dynamic triggering. Create narratives, buttons and a touch screen like experience. Add any number of triggers to an experience to allow a viewer to change experiences with a hover motion from a distance.


Give a Regular Step-N-Repeat Wall an Upgrade

Turn an ordinary step and repeat wall into the main event by creating immersive experiences guests will remember.


Experiential-Media Technology

Make any environment come to life with the award-winning technology that revolutionizes the way humans experience technology. Customize content to your needs and adapt to your location for an immersive, motion-directed display that will inspire and engage.